Product Warranty

Photo of Scott Solle about to flip in Velvet Falls, Middle Fork Salmon River, Idaho, 6.66 ft, June 2, 2009.

Solgear® Product Testing

We strive to have our gear meet the expectations of professional river runners and avid recreational enthusiasts. Swift moving water can put stresses on equipment that in some cases will break steel. Water has been reshaping our planet since its beginning and without a doubt can reshape a Solgear bag. A large part of Solgear getting a good design is just getting out on the river and using our products to see where flaws or weakness in design are apparent. We then take that information back to the sewing machine and make our product stronger. We will not compromise design to save money as we desire our product to be the best. We welcome your constructive feedback to improve our products and thank you for your support.

Photo animation of 2 photos from Razorback Rapids,Nenana River, Alaska, 20,000 cfs, July 1998 of Scott Solle in a Double Duckie<br />Solgear Product Warranty

Solgear Product Warranty

Solgear products are guaranteed to be free of manufacture's defects. Solgear will repair or replace any defective product. This does not include normal wear and tear or fading. If you feel your Solgear product is defective or should have received a longer useful life, please return your product to: SOLGEAR, 420 Kane Creek Blvd. #1, Moab, UT 84532. Include your name, physical address, postal address (if different), phone number, and email address. Include any information you deem relevant to the issue. We appreciate your patience in the return of your warranty. Please contact us for a time estimate. It will help if you have a photo of your defect.

Normal Wear and Tear

Our plastic-coated polyester mesh is woven and then heat sealed together to form an incredibly durable mesh for outdoor use. UV radiation can break down this bond and allow some of the fabric strands to shift independently. This is normal and will not compromise the integrity of your product until cut or torn. Fading is also an unfortunate effect from the sun. Products that are constantly exposed to solar radiation are more at risk of fading and we do not guarantee that your Solgear product will not fade over time. Even if your product has faded, it should still maintain strength.

Photo of mesh separation of a used Solgear bag
Photo of mesh separation of a used Solgear bag

The Zipper Question
If it doesn't say YKK, then it isn't what we are using

Original Import Metal Zipper: The original zippers were prone to failure when over stuffed. For a temporary fix in the field, first force the zipper all of the way open so that there aren't any teeth behind the zipper. Then use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the slider on either side to compress the coil teeth more by making the slider slightly smaller. If you think your bag did not see its full useful life, please return it to Solgear for a warranty. We will replace it with a new bag made with YKK® brand zipper coil and dual sliders.

Photo of a used Solgear bag with a zipper blown out
Photo of a used Solgear bag that was over stuffed and blew the zipper

PK ZIPPER: We hoped this zipper would be better at resisting corrosion like the older metal ones. Unfortunately they can break much easier in the harsh river world. We are more than happy to warranty Solgear bags with the PK Zipper® when they break. Send us your bag and we will replace it with a new bag with a YKK® brand zipper.

Photo of a used Solgear bag with a PK zipper blown out
Photo of a used Solgear bag with a broken PK zipper slider

THE CURRENT SOLUTION: All bags now come with coil and dual reverse zippers from YKK®. Should one break, there is a second. If the second one breaks, please ask yourself if this is due to a manufacturer’s defect, or if this is the result of a bag exposed to the sun, water, silt, dirt, and grime. Broken teeth and sliders from normal wear and tear are not covered under our warranty. PLEASE, clean your zipper and take care of your gear. If it's not maintained, no zipper is able to withstand the conditions river runners put their gear through.

Photo of a Solgear bag up close with dual YKK zippers

YKK Logo

Seam Blow Outs

We can repair seam failures or replace bags with defective mesh. This type of defect is unacceptable to Solgear and we apologize for failures of this type. Please give us the chance to correct this uncommon flaw.  
Photo of a used Solgear bag with a seam rip Photo of a used Solgear bag with a seam rip  Photo of a used Solgear bag with a seam blow out

Broken Drag Bag Trigger Snaps

Original trigger snaps were nickel plated and susceptible to corrosion. Springs would fail or the hook may have broken off. Maybe the swiveling D-ring slipped off. This is a very easy repair that we would gladly fix for you. Please send us your bag for warranty.


Photo of a used Solgear drag bag with a broken trigger snap

Clavey Everything Else Bag

When trying to get a Clavey Everything Else Bag "tight" between frame rails, over tightening can lead to mesh tearing near the seam between the cam strap and the zipper coil. Newest models have webbing backing the mesh where it was tearing. Solgear will warranty any Clavey bag. In this case, we have a simple repair to mend your bag.
Photo of a Clavey Everything Else Bag that has cam straps pulling away from the body
Photo of a Clavey Everything Else Bag with cam straps pulling away from the body