About Us

Image of Solgear shop at 420 Kane Creek BLVD, Moab, UT 84532

Solgear has been manufacturing river equipment since 2001 and we currently make several products that relate to the whitewater industry whether you are using oar rafts or paddle rafts, as well as items related to river rescue. In addition we offer gear and tote bags in different sizes that are useful in almost any water sport, along with precise custom-made bags to fit your specific need. Gear repair is also done at Solgear. We can mend many items to make them useful again as long as your items are clean. This includes replacing gaskets on dry suits or dry tops.

Solgear was started by owner Scott Solle who began his guiding career in Moab, UT on the Colorado River in 1995. Having a passion in river running led to guiding on the Rio Grande and then north to Alaska. It was while in Alaska, guiding on the Nenana River, that Scott's interest in rescue work began. A course in Swiftwater Rescue Instruction led to a decade of work teaching for The Rescue Company and Rescue 3 International. Currently Scott is instructing for the Swiftwater Safety InstituteĀ in Moab, UT. Check out course offerings at the Swiftwater Safety Institute website.

SolgearĀ® products arise from ideas born on the river, both from guiding and rescue instruction. Solgear desires its products to live up to the standards of those working in the river industry and strives for products that are better performing and longer lasting than any made elsewhere. While that may not make Solgear products the least expensive on the market, Solgear products are made with the intent of outliving those of our competition. With that in mind, Solgear offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products. Please visit our Solgear Product Warranty page for more details.

Solgear is a small business who makes everything hand-made in Utah where trips to the river to play with and test our products with friends, family, and paying guests occur on a regular basis. We are happy to hear your comments, especially when it helps us to continue to develop better products. Please tell us what we can do to enhance your river experience through Solgear products.

Store hours - We try our best to be open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. That said, there is a chance we might not be open during those hours: staff schedules can change, the owner might be on a search and rescue call, or everyone might be out on the river. If you want to check to make sure we're around, please call or text 801-560-9588 before you arrive. You can also order online and select "pick up at Solgear" for shipping. We'll let you know when your order is ready to pick up.